Grooved Piping System

by Victaulic

The Victaulic Grooved Coupling Piping System is the most versatile, economical and reliable piping system available

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Installation is up to three times faster than welding. More reliable than threading of flanging and has the lowest installation cost. Whether new construction or retrofit, Victaulic delivers a level of versatility unmatched in mechanical piping systems technology for today’s engineering marvels.

Victaulic provides superior design flexibility, the ability to accommodate seismic moments, noise and vibration attenuation, system access, system scalability, installation-friendly products and services.

Victaulic provide quick and easy pipe and hose installations as well as clean, distinct pipe layout. The vibration and noise-reducing features contribute to environmental protection. With a Wide product range, almost all areas of pipe, tube, hose and cable installation are covered.