Hydrocarbon Management System

by Banlaw

Precision measurement of fuel use is the first step in managing fuel use. Banlaw specializes in refueling and hydrocarbon management systems. lt has more than 25 years in the industry. These tough Australian made systems are built using purpose designed components.

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Check Valve Receiver

The unique patented design of the Banlaw Check Valve Receiver is unlike any other product on the market. The Check Valve Receiver cannot be overridden by any known means. The design of the flow path generates low pressure, preventing risk of premature shutoff in pressureĀ» sensitive refueling nozzles. Versatile design allows installation either directly into fuel tank or into pipework (min. 2″ ID).

Banlaw NozzleTM

Made from steel and aluminum that lasts twice as long in the field. Dependable ball-locking mechanism has a proven safety record and means that the nozzle can’t fly off. Refueling at ground level and having automatic cutoff makes it easier to use. Dry Brake automatic system reduces the risk of fuel spills, ensuring a cleaner working environment. Highest flow rate capability; reduced refueling times mean better vehicle productivity up to 1,000 Lpm. The choice of five shutoff pressure settings allows flexible solutions to the most complex refueling problems.

Oil & Coolant FittingTM

To provide more efficient service intervals. Both the nozzle and mating receiver are a “flush face” design, minimizing the extent of contamination and reducing wear on mating seals and other components within the fittings. Without the need to manually retract the nozzle actuating collar during connection, there is no struggle to ensure proper engagement of the fittings. Each set is uniquely color-coded to assist in identifying mating fittings. Secure ball-lock latching mechanism and rugged electroplated steel construction of vital parts maximizes the working life of each fitting and provides a safer work environment.