Lubrication System

by SKF Lincoln

Established in 1910, Lincoln is the long-standing world leader in grease lubrication systems and equipment. Lincoln’s expertise is based on decades of experience within the lubrication system industry

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Centromatic System

Systems can service one machine, different zones on machines, or even several separate machines.  Regardless of the application, the central pump station automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the injectors.  Each injector serves only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease of oil required.

Quicklub System

In a Quicklub system, lubricant can be supplied either manually, with a grease gun, or through a fully automated system using electric or pneumatic pumps and progressive metering valves. More than a drilled manifold block, the SSV metering valve incorporates a series of metering pistons, which accurately dispense lubricant from each outlet. Visual monitoring is provided with an indicator pin, which confirms a valve has completed a full cycle.